Youth Center Workshops / Services


CAREER EXPLORATIONThis workshop explores the multitude of careers that are available. It will also explore the academic requirements and skills needed for desired occupations. Assessments will be conducted to see what jobs fit your particular interest.


LABOR MARKET INFORMATION (LMI) How solid is your career interest? LMI will give you the outlook necessary on your prospective career. Will the job be there in five years? Will the market increase in pay? Are there going to be additional job requirements? Be informed when making a career decision.


JOB APPLICATION If you look good on paper, you’ll make a good first impression. This workshop gives you tips on how to make your application stand out. Learn how to land the job with a thank you note to the employer.


JOB SEARCH  When the hunt begins. Strategies on effective techniques to searching for jobs, including how to search the classified ads. Tips for searching positions and companies will be discussed. How to use the Internet in your job search. This workshop will explore the various job search engines.


DRESS FOR SUCCESS  This workshop explores the different dress styles required to work in various settings. Stresses the importance of dressing for success. If you look good, you get paid well.


RESUME  This workshop will assist you in creating a resume that will make employers want to hire you. Learn how to develop a cover letter, fill in employment gaps, and show off special abilities. Make a good first and lasting impression.


BUDGETING  This workshop will assist you in creating a budget. It will also demonstrate how to balance and reconcile a checkbook, how to open up a saving account, and explore investing. This workshops emphasizes the importance of preparing for the future.


WHO MOVED MY CHEESE  This workshop will discuss how to handle things when they aren’t going your way. Effective strategies on how to cope when to change, and/or when to move on.


WORK ETHICS  This workshop discusses various ethical issues such as punctuality, gossip, and teamwork that can result in losing self-respect on the job and possibly the JOB.


TUTORING A calm quiet place to study can make the difference in passing the GED exam and/or that college class. CYC offers individualize tutoring sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays.


ANGER MANAGEMENT Always mad? Have a short fuse? This workshops explores trigger behaviors that results in anger/violence. Discusses behavioral modification techniques that will change one’s response to anger provoking situations.


GED PREP (ENGLISH & SPANISH) – A refresher course to assist you in completing the GED. Classes are offered through Cerritos College but held at the CYC facility. English GED classes are held Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays mornings at 9:00 am. Spanish Classes are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 PM.


COMPUTER– Need computer skills? Join the Introduction to Computer class. It is held on Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 PM in the CYC Computer Lab.