The “Skillz Menu” is an incentive-based program that allows students to earn money while they attain skills, employment, training, certificates, and post-secondary opportunities. The Skillz Menu is a creative self-help ladder to success that keeps students constantly engaged in learning activities, while putting cash in their pockets.

“If it Doesn’t Make Dollars it Doesn’t Make Sense”

Let The Community Youth Corps
Help You Succeed!

• Choose and pursue a meaningful career
• Get your GED
• Learn a marketable skill
• College
• Paid internship
• Career Counseling
• Job placement
• Interview techniques
• Resume tutoring


The Program
Community Youth Corps (CYC) is an employment and training program designed to assist young adults in developing the skills necessary to compete in today’s labor market.

CYC ensures that young adults are skilled and knowledgeable regarding their career interest, aware of current hiring trends, knowledgeable of growing industries, educational and/or training requirements needed to satisfy their particular goals.

CYC is committed to investing its resources to ensure that a solid “employment/educational” foundation is created for yourself and your family.



If you are:

• Between the ages of 17-21
• Out-of-School
• Live in Artesia, Bellflower, Cerritos, Downey, Hawaiian Gardens, Lakewood, or Norwalk
• Low-Income…

Then you’ll want to talk with us!

Let CYC Assist You!