Most mornings the alarm goes off, I hit the snooze once, wakeup, start making coffee, walk my dog, get ready for work, pour my coffee into a mug, and then go to work. I call this my morning ritual. By all means it is not glamorous; I wouldn’t post these actions on Facebook nor would I have the urge to reveal my morning patterns to an unsuspecting conversation. However I love it. I love having a morning ritual. I know that when I wake up, I am starting my day with goals to accomplish. Even the mundane task of getting ready for the day, I’m still doing something with it.

The difference between becoming a zombie and becoming successful is the attitude you set for yourself. My parents came to America to have a better future. They started with less than 10 dollars in their pocket and the only housing available to them was federally funded. Everyday my dad knew when he woke up he needed to provide for his family. He started working as a janitor in a donut shop, he didn’t know English, he didn’t know business, but he knew how to sweep floors. My dad, in his country, had a little college background, his family was middle class. That didn’t matter, here in America he needed to work with whatever work he could get. Mornings turned into month, then years. In all that time he was saving, learning the donut business from literally the ground up, until he had enough money to open his own donut store. Looking back at what he has accomplish he shocked himself.  He is a small business owner, he has his own house, he put two kids through college, his little girl is a doctor and married to a doctor, and has a little grandson playing around the house he bought.  Success isn’t given, success doesn’t have a time limit, success is being proud of the life you live; living each day with a purpose.

Most nights when the day is slowly disappearing, I set the alarm, put on my pajamas, and get ready for the day ahead. Reassured that every morning I wake up, I’m slowly making progress, in this way I am my dad’s son.

By: Michael Sir