The year is 52 BC, Gaius Julius Caesar Rome’s greatest general is in a fierce battle with the Gallic Tribes led by Vercingetorix at the Battle of Alesia. The Gauls outnumbered the Romans 7 to 1 and defeat looks likely to the Roman Republic. Caesar seeing that his front lines are breaking and his men starting to retreat, personally gets on his horse and leads the cavalry to the fiercest part of the battle. Caesars Legions see this and without thinking twice, push forward to crush the Gallic Tribes. After all the dust had settled, against all odds, Caesar and his Legions had claimed victory.

The victory at Alesia by many historians is considered to be one of the greatest victories of antiquity. Roman victory would have not been possible if it weren’t for the months of planning, patience, and most important perseverance.

We are currently living through one of the hardest recessions in American history. Finding a job isn’t going to be easy. And it’s not supposed to be.  You will be outnumbered when applying for a position, you will want to retreat and give up your job search, but what will cement your legacy in history is how you perceiver in these difficult times.

As Julius Caesar did at the Battle of Alesia, anything is possible. When you tell yourself you can you will come out victorious. As the great Wayne Gretzky one said, “You will miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

Remember this when job searching, Believe You Can and You Will.

By: Ben Sandoval