Summer is literally around the corner, graduations, vacations and beach days are about to begin. But what about a summer job? Where should you start looking? What type of job should you be applying for?

For those of us who have very little or no experience at all, finding a summer job might be a little challenging. Plus you have to outshine those who had a summer job last year, or who have experience under their belt.

But there are MANY summer jobs available that we sometimes overlook.

Where should you start looking?

Looks for places that population increases during the summer;

Amusement parks have a huge spike in hires during this time.  Their amusement park visitors increase due to summer vacation.

Also, when I was in high school, I knew a lot of friends who looked for summer jobs at ice cream shops and yogurt locations. It a simple yet busy job, where they are always hiring.

Do you swim? If so, why not apply at the local park as a lifeguard.

Most malls or outlet locations hire on students for the summer due to consumer increase.  These are usually temporary positions. But remember, if you outshine the other employees by going above and beyond what is required, you might just make that temp job permanent.

What types of jobs should you be applying for?

I want to remind everyone that even though you might not be too excited about working in a theme park or food establishment, that only because it is a summer job , doesn’t mean that you will be in it all of your life. Most of the summer jobs work at a stepping stone to a greater and better job opportunity.

Think of the price, you will have more money to spend time at the beach with your friends.

By: Corina Coronel