Our young job seekers are frequently asked to send a cover letter along with their resume or application for employment.  Most of the time, they come ask, “What is a cover letter?”

A cover letter can be described as something very simple; however, it might not be as simple when you don’t have any idea what to write or where to start.  Basically, a cover letter or application letter is a letter that responds to a known job opening.  It is an excellent way of introducing yourself to potential employers and explaining your suitability for a desired position. When you are first applying for a job there is so much you want to tell an employer, but there is only so much you can include in your resume.  Well guess what?  The cover letter is a great way to tell them about yourself, why you qualify for this position, and where you obtained all this excellent work experience that you can now use at their location.  Employers may receive tons of resumes when there is an open position.  According to Wikipedia, employers may look for “individualized and well written cover letters as a method of screening out applicants who are not sufficiently interested in their position or who lack necessary basic skills.”

Writing a cover letter is fairly simple if you stick to this technique:

Introduction – Describe the position you are applying for and where you found the listing.

Body – Let the employer know how enthusiastic you are in pursuing this position.  Think about the company’s needs and relate your skills and attributes as best you can.  Use examples from previous work history.

Closing – Politely ask for an interview and clearly state how you plan to follow up.

Simple, right?  There are many websites and work readiness curriculums that can teach you more about cover letters and how to properly write them.  At Community Youth Corps (CYC), you will learn about and write your own cover letter when you complete our work readiness workshop; Blueprint for Workplace Success.  Remember if you need us, CYC is here to help.



By: Mabel Meza



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